Mexican woven bag with pom pom charm
pom pom beach tote


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Mexican woven bag made in collaboration with artisans from Chiapas and Estado de Mexico. Each sisal bag is hand painted with multicolor motifs, making no two the same. There's one in each style: El Viajero (The Traveller), El Carpintero (The Woodpecker) and El Viento (The Wind).

Lightweight and easy to pack, this pom pom tote bag is perfect for your next beach getaway. The straps are adjustable so you can wear it shoulder length or as a crossbody bag.

▶ Measures: 33 x 38 cm (13" x15 ")

▶ Made of a natural fiber called Sisal or Henequen. 

▶ Pom pom charm


pom pom beach tote
mexican hand painted bag with pom pom charm
sisal bag with a hand painted bird and pom poms