So excited about this project! We were lucky to work with Go Within in a custom welcome bag for its fall senior retreat in Viceroy Los Cabos. The Mini Sayulita was just the perfect tote for this event. Full of workshops, yoga sessions, talks around bonfires and more.

We love working with people that put as much attention to details as we do. Plus, this was their first international retreat so everything had to be top notch! They were committed to make a unique experience where everything had been thought of.  And as an event planned for designers we knew the assistants would also notice the little things. 


personalized beach bags for a women's leadership retreat

 Photos by Celestus Studio

For a week by the sea, the Sayulita beach bag has the perfect style. The woven cotton canvas and natural burlap matches perfectly with Los Cabos vibes. And it has a neutral look that we could then personalize with the Go Within colors and logo. Everything was customized, from the lining to the label, to the colors used in the keychain. We even make the tassel and pom poms chunkier!


Welcome kit for a leadership retreat in Los Cabos 

 welcome bag with pom pom

Photo by Reena Merchant

The welcome kit! 


welcome bags for a retreat in los Cabos


personalized thermo for go within


Love well designed goodies that can be used after the event. A welcome kit marks the start of the experience and is a way to pamper your guests and excite them for what's to come. Items that are practical and beautiful? Perfect!


yoga at viceroy los cabos mexico


Participants were able to enjoy yoga sessions during sunrise taking in the beautiful Cabo views.


Women leadership workshop


The workshops were given in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A variety of themes were discussed, from limiting beliefs and letting go of the narratives that no longer serve. To coaching circles where attendants could practice their coaching skills and receive coaching from their peers.


lunch in los cabos beach

Lunch by the sea


Boat ride in los cabos Mexico


What better way to bond and engage that taking a boat trip around this breathtaking views.


beach bag and macrame


After the morning talks came the hands-on workshops! Like Macrame with Pluumbago and textile jewelry with Vianney Méndez, an artisan based in Oáxaca. 


personalized beach bag for retreat


A great week of connection and sunshine! See Go Within's site for more info and photos of this past retreat. The next one will be in Arizona. All photos by the amazing Celestus Studio