PAJARITO / jipi bird keychain

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Custom bird keychains made in collaboration with Mexican artisans. Each one is tinted with natural pigments and woven by hand, not two are alike. Made of a fine palm fiber called Jipi, that is also used for our Fiesta natural palm fans and high-end hats.

For an even more personalized touch, the keychains come with an initial in Caobilla wood. Perfect as a small detail for a nice coworker, a local goodie for your welcome bag or a one of a kind gift your clients will love.

The birds come in an assortment of colors and combinations if you'd like a specific color please let us know in a note during check-out.

▶ Caobilla wood initial.
▶ Handwoven jipi palm fiber
▶ Assorted colors. Each bird is different as is handwoven. Not two are alike.

These colorful Mexican keychains can also be great for company retreats, we can change the initial for a wooden tag engraved with your logo. Contact us if you have any question.